Job Description :
Job Title: Network Support Engineer
Job Location: New Britain, CT
Duration: 3 month +

Job Responsibility:

Environment: 12 Firewall''s, Firemon, QRadar, ServiceNow

Removed 250 firewall rules.
Move 275 rules that were either redundant or misaligned within the rule stack.
Disabled over 8500 firewall rules with no hit counts since 2016 and added audit comments.
Added over 1200 comments to existing active firewall rules.
Identified over 1000 servers and their outgoing ports.
Identified the big talkers for outgoing traffic and their outgoing ports in order to stage for Egress rules.

Going forward:
Set up Traffic Flow analysis rules in Firemon on "any " "any " rules.
Create Egress rules for the big talkers and explicitly allow commonly used ports (80, 8080, 123, 443, 53 QRadar can help to determine traffic and ports.
Analyze, design and create egress rules for servers Example: allow tcp/25 for only mail servers. QRadar can help to determine IP''s, traffic and ports.
After all hosts are identified and egress rules created for host or range of IP''s create an explicit "allow any outbound " rule at the bottom of rule stack. Monitor this rule in order to identify and create new egress rules accordingly.
Continue to monitor for redundant and unused rules using Firemon and remediate accordingly. Use the "Firewall request " catalog item in ServiceNow to request changes.
In preparation for upgrade analyze rules to determine which "drop " rules can be removed.
In preparation for upgrade analyze rules to determine which rules can be simplified