Job Description :
Network Security Manager

Job #:19-00019

Position Type:Full Time/Contract

Location:Westford , MA

Job Description

The Network Security Manager will help design, deploy, and support a global wide area network linking Company sites in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. S/he will work with global and local network service providers to maintain the performance and operations of a global wide area network connecting /- 30 corporate locations. The candidate will manage our global array of firewalls and implement correct configuration to ensure business functionality and optimal threat prevention. The manager will react to threats and intrusions.

The successful candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of local and wide-area networking. A working knowledge of network security techniques and protocols. S/he will possess detailed knowledge of current security risks and threat prevention techniques including Anti-virus / Malware detection and prevention.

-Manage Wide Area Network and integration with various Local Area Networks.
-Manage Global array of firewalls implement correct configuration to ensure business functionality and optimal threat prevention.
-Detect and/or react to threats and intrusions to the Corporate network.
-Deploy new firewalls and audit existing firewalls to ensure compliance with corporate policy and standard security procedures.
-Define internet connectivity to ensure redundant failover where needed to reduce business risk.
-Consult with local business resources to balance performance, cost, security needs to optimize complete network environment.

-Possibly some international travel

-A bachelor's degree in IT or equivalent technical experience.
-An in-depth knowledge of networks, network protocols, and network operations, including configuration experience with firewalls, switches, routers.
-Demonstrated project management skills with ability to work across boundaries.
-Operations experience and desire to build robust infrastructure and correct problems.
-Palo Alto and Juniper Networks experience is a plus.