Job Description :
Role: Network Security Architect
Location: Monterey Park, CA
Need Passport No.
No EAD's

In this role, you will be responsible for providing a detailed “as is” state analysis of a customer’s existing
network and network security policy adherence report, and under the lead of a Cloud Architect,
defining, designing and building the optimal Cloud-hosted network and network security solution. The
target state spans IaaS and PaaS solutions, for Private, Public and Hybrid clouds from leading-edge
vendors such as AWS, Azure, Google and Rack Space. You must have proven delivery experience of at
least one such project in the last six months.
Please respond with your candidature using the following guidelines.
Required Proven Skills

1. Successful delivery of Cloud Network and Network Security Assessment (“as is” state summary,

derivation of optimal cloud-based target state), Design and Build Cloud Services, with creation of

Cloud Network and Network Security Operation Runbooks, and training of resources needed to

deliver day-to-day cloud-operations.

2. Detailed knowledge of traditional and cloud-based Network and Network Security Infrastructure

components including Network Security scanning, audit-compliance and SIEM solutions.

3. Hands-on usage of Virtualization Technologies from VmWare, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Red Hat - as

applied to network virtualization and application of network-security to these technologies

4. Cloud SLA Frameworks and derivation of network-security controls to be applied to cloud

solutions, along with network monitoring at application and infrastructure level metrics

5. Ownership of network and network-security aspects of application-blueprints

6. Detailed understanding of one of the commercially available IaaS solutions – AWS, Azure, Open

Source options and how they can be leveraged for Enterprise Cloud Solution requirements

7. Network and Network-Security lead for at least two Enterprise infrastructure transformation
projects involving the Private IaaS or Hybrid IaaS as ‘target states’

8. Compelling content creation and delivery for client’s executive decision makers using

architecture and solution-level differentiators

9. Key technical owner for connect into key technology-partners’ architects and product managers

(ex: Cisco, HP, EMC, VmWare, SAP, Oracle, Citrix, Microsoft, Computer Associates and others)

10. Prior examples of delivering network and/or network-security talks at industry forums, analyst-

conferences or vendor-invited industry meetings


11. Certified expertise from at least one of the public-cloud providers (ex: AWS Solutions Architect
(associate level) and/or AWS Advanced Networking (see:
https://aws. amazon. com/certification/certified-advanced-networking- specialty/ )

Nice-to-have Skills

1. Proven experience with Agile and DevOPS as applied to Cloud networking and network-security

solutions and migration projects

2. Reputed technical blog-author (if yes, please send your URLs)

3. No. of reputed industry publications (ex: IEEE standards, technical papers in reputed journals,

vendor-publications and technical white-papers)

4. Experience working in multiple geographies within and outside the USA

5. Prior work-experience with Indian multi-nationals and/or Indian IT Services companies

6. Ability to travel up to 50% of your work-time

Previous Employment History

Please state for up to your last five employers, duration of employment, and title, roles and top-five

deliverables at each work-site


Please state the name, majors and year of graduation for your last few centers of education, including

any recent reputed online-education sources

Workplace aspirations for the next three years

State your top-three aspirations in terms of your role and deliverables in the next three years.