Job Description :
Network Engineer Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities:
This person will be responsible for supervising a staff engaged in a wide range of information technology functions that primarily involves activities related to coordinating network operations, maintenance, repairs, or upgrades and designing, building, or operating equipment configuration prototypes. The position performs work which leverages technology to provide business value through the deployment of emerging technologies and IT support services that meet business goals, reduce operating costs, and maximize efficiencies and effectiveness. The staff supervised includes a full range of clerical and administrative support as well as supervisory, professional, and technical staff.

Education and Years of Experience:

7+ years experience with local area networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and wide area networks (WAN), copper, fiber and wireless communications.
3+ years Avaya experience
3+ years Supervisory experience
Required Skills/Certifications:

Supervises a subordinate staff of supervisors, professionals and paraprofessionals who perform activities related to network architecture, hardware, and software
Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates
Sets priorities and prepares schedules for completion of work
Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and the requirements of the assignments, and the capabilities of employees
Evaluates performance of subordinates
Gives advice, counsels, or instructions to individual employees on both work and administrative matters
Interviews candidates for positions in his unit
Makes recommendations for appointment, promotion, or reassignment involving such positions
Hears and resolves complaints from employees
Refers group grievances and the more serious complaints not resolved to higher level supervisors
Recommends minor disciplinary measures such as warnings and reprimands
As needed, consults with specialists on training needs, and deciding on training problems related to the units supervised
Identifies developmental and training needs of employees in consultation with the Chief Learning Officer
Provides or makes provision for such development and training
Ensures maintenance of data centers, servers and storage systems, email, web and other collaboration technologies
Supervises processes including backup/restore, database administration services, and authentication systems and support services for administrative systems
Supervises a world-class network operations data center that houses the City''s mission critical applications, communications, and e-Government initiatives
Supervises the City''s local area networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and wide area networks (WAN), copper, fiber and wireless communications
Plans, develops, implements, maintains, and upgrades the City''s core enterprise applications
Provides innovative, secure, scalable and cost-effective software solutions to City Government
Ensures the development and maintenance of centralized GIS data, tools, models and metadata for use throughout City government
Oversees the design, updating, and maintenance of the City''s Internet and Intranet systems to provide effective and efficient portals to provide information flow to businesses, citizens, and employees
Oversees network operations, maintenance, repairs, or upgrades
Directs subordinates to design, build, or operate complex equipment configuration prototypes, including network hardware, software, servers, or server operation systems
Reviews and advises on specific network hardware or software requirements, such as platforms, interfaces, bandwidths, or routine schemas
Supervises product awareness, skills transfer, or product education sessions for system users
Implements, oversees, and supports wireless technology (i.e. 802.11 a/b/g)
Secures network system by establishing and enforcing policies; Defines and monitors access
Monitors network performance and ensures system availability and reliability
Reviews and advises on design presentations and proposals; Approves or denies design proposals prepared by subordinates
Supervises processes and subordinates in researching and testing new or modified hardware or software products to determine performance and interoperability
Ensures the maintenance of networks by instructing subordinates to perform activities such as file addition, deletion, or backup
Assists in supervising network technology upgrade or expansion projects, including installation of hardware and software and integration testing
Develops strategies, proposals, and budgets for network equipment replacement
Attends conferences and training sessions to keep up with changes in technology; Ensures subordinates stay current and informed of new trends or technological advancements
Supervises training for other DoIT personnel to resolve redundant network problems/issues
Prepares high-level summary reports for managers and Executive team regarding performance, financials, areas of improvement, and problems; Uses expert subject knowledge to provide recommendations on how to improve performance, increase efficiency, or resolve problems
Performs special projects and other duties as assigned