Job Description :
Please review the JD and let me know if you are interested in this opening.

Network Engineer
San Antonio, TX
F2F Interview

Network Administrator
DISCIPLINE – Route/Switch
SPECIALTY – Wireless & NMS
Manager wants experience in WIRELESS, building bridges or mesh networks, working with the FCC, tower builds, wireless surveys
Education/Experience: 5-7 years
1. Wireless experience (Cisco)
2. Routing and switching experience
3. Network management experience

Will be a part of the IT integrations team

Some travel

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS – None (Bachelor’s degree preferred)
EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS – Three years (Five years preferred)

Support the network administrative efforts relating to the integrations and/or divestitures of network assets as needed by the Mergers & Acquisitions team.
This position will serve as the Wireless and NMS SME.

The candidate must be familiar with and show competency regarding the following fundamentals/concepts/protocols…
o Deploy/provision Cisco WAPs in FlexConnect mode and configure FlexConnect groups
o 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocols
o Administer Cisco wireless infrastructure using WLCs, Prime and authorization policies in ISE
o Build wireless mesh networks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridges
o Tower building, tower lease agreements, wireless surveys and FCC licensing
o Stateful monitoring & alerting, event correlation, and change management
o Direct console access to network devices, code upgrades/config modifications using CLI
o EIGRP, MPLS, LTE, VSAT, DMVPN, BGP and floating static routes.
o Spanning Tree Protocol, Etherchannel, and trunking
o NAT on Cisco IOS and ASA devices
o Cisco ASA logging, connection/translation tables and access list entries
o Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel & Visio
The candidate must be willing and able to perform the following tasks…
o Work with mail room on a regular basis to receive/ship hardware
o Maintain and be responsible for hardware inventory of all network assets.
o Wipe/sanitize old network gear that has been decommissioned/refreshed and work with supporting teams to properly dispose of assets as directed.
o Work with telecommunication providers to activate/support new/existing circuit issues.
o Responds to network outages/troubleshooting calls (sometimes after hours
o Build configuration templates and apply to new network hardware.
o Package network devices and work with mailroom to ship as directed to meet project deadlines
o Lift heavy objects sometime in excess of 50lbs.
o Remotely support field techs during hardware installation process.
o Produce as-built documentation using Visio and Word and participate in turnover training activities.
o Speak to large groups of sometimes 20+ people.

The preferred candidate would have experience with network refreshes or integration activities.
The candidate must have a cradle to grave mentality.
The candidate must have reliable transportation to/from work every Monday through Friday.
The candidate must have an Internet connection at home that can be used to VPN and work remotely if needed.