Job Description :
Expereince : 1-2 yrs

Role: Network Engineer
Duration: 12+ months
Location: : LA County or NYC/NJ Area/ Chicago, IL
On-site/Remote: On-Site: Mandatory, Mon-Fri EST Business Hours)
Travel: none
An understanding of IP sub-netting
An understanding of IP network routing principles
An understanding of network Switches and routers
Use of documentation tools and systems such as MS Office, Visio and Project.
An understanding of Information Technology (IT) security tools types (I.e. Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Malware Detection, Email Security
An understanding of firewall implementations (i.e. rule sets, objects), Cisco ASA, Checkpoint.
An understanding of how to research public Internet IANA IP addresses.
Be able to evaluate applications from an IP communication perspective to facilitate communication across firewall perimeters.
An understanding of NetFlow, specifically leveraging current tools to assist in identifying data patterns between organizational partitions.
Familiarity with common processes and procedural documentation to allow for the evaluating of, and documenting of, the commonalities and delta between each organizations current state.
Key, exceptional data organization and communication skills

OPT and CPT also accepted in this requiremnt

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Client : TCS