Job Description :
Job Description:

Position: Network Engineer
Location: San Jose, CA
Strong preference for the candidate to be located on the West Coast.

Requirements For ASR9010 and ASR9912:

Develop a Network Implementation Plan (NIP) for the ASR upgrade at each location.

Develop a Method of Procedure (MOP) for the ASR upgrades. All upgrades will be performed during each maintenance window.

Provide the NIP and MOP to Customer for review and approval in accordance with Exhibit 2, Section 3 Document Deliverable Review and Approval Process.

Provide Customer with site requirement guidelines and confirm site readiness prior to the start of any migration of services.

Coordinate with ISP for any common upgrades to the ASR such as fan trays and power supply upgrades.

Provide support for a 9000V addition by that device being connected and activated as part of the NIP/MOP.

Develop a port mapping plan for any existing ports moving from older Trident cards to the new MOD400 and/or 9000V (if 1Gb ports

Perform implementation activities for each ASR including:

a) Open proactive TAC case to support each maintenance window,

b) Equipment inventory for compliance to bill of materials,

c) Perform standard Cisco acceptance testing on all new hardware,

d) Pre-stage new Route Processor cards and apply software Release 5.3.3 including SP4 and SMUs,

e) Removal of existing Route Processer and replacement with new RP880 Route Processor (RP880),

f) Removal of existing Trident line cards, and replacement with MOD400 line card followed by port migrations to the new MOD400 card(s

Work with Customer NOC to verify all ports and services are operational during the maintenance window.

Provide remote support for one business day after the maintenance window to help ensure the timely resolution of any potential issues caused by the upgrade process.