Job Description :
Mange the creation and deletion of User, Group, and Computer accounts in active directory for the state enterprise environment.
Manage the mapping of user home directories, and shares for the state enterprise environment through Desktop Authority and Group Policy Management.
Manage the creation and Deletion of File Shares, Home Directories and permissions of these directories and file shares for the state enterprise environment.
Manage the creation and deletion of users email accounts in Microsoft exchange for the state enterprise environment.
Manage the creation and deletion of I.P. reservations/fixed addresses in Infoblox and on Microsoft DHCP servers.
Handle Daily Technical Support activities for desktop support, data network and server management.
Setup and Image computers and other user end point devices.
Provide vendors, end users, and peers exceptional customer service.
Investigate and Diagnosis network communication issues with Firewall/Proxy and end point devices using Wireshark, Splunk, and Microsoft toolset.
Investigate and work with security operation center to resolve antivirus/malware notifications from Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor and other detection solutions.
Provide warranty report tracking for yearly fiscal forecast purchasing to Agency Partners.
Knowledge of reading and using Powershell/Ansible to assist automating repeatable task in day to day operations.
Communicate with Agency partners and provide guidance for DTI policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
Work projects with other DTI teams and agency partners to reach deadlines and goals.
Define Desktop Technology processes and document for knowledgebase articles in Service Now.
Able to manage multiple tickets and provide detailed updates and solutions in Service Now.
Travel may be throughout the State of DE using private vehicle
After hours support may be required on a as needed basis
State and Federal Background check required for this position (expense of contractor/vendor)
Please do not submit candidates that have not supported deskside environments - ''phone-only support'' is not qualified experience for this role.

Client : Direct Client