Job Description :
Netezza Admin/Developer
Phoenix, AZ
12 months

General Netezza appliance administration which includes:
1. Monitoring hardware of the appliance and networks connected to the appliance
2. Creating new databases
3. NPS Upgrades (Database software upgrade) without assistance from IBM Support
4. Platform and firmware upgrade with assistance from IBM Support
5. Work with IBM Support to fix any hardware issues such as Disk failures, SPU failures, Network configuration issues, etc
6. Configuring weekly full backup and daily differential backup of production databases.
7. Clean-up/retention of database backups
8. Perform quarterly audit of failing over NPS (database services) from primary HA host to secondary HA host and vice-versa.
9. Schedule and monitor Netezza events and alerts for any failures.

Periodic maintenance of database tables which includes:
Daily GENSTATS of all production tables (Full as well as Express stats)
Weekly GROOM of candidate production tables to reclaim space from Delete/Update operations
Reclaim of space on large tables using CTAS instead of GROOM

Other support items may include:
Review daily and weekly health check reports configured to be sent via e-mail.
Maintain audit of all activities done as a DBA using shell scripts for all database executions.
Configure and maintain audit of database Query History using NZ_QUERY_HISTORY table as well as Query History database.
Monitor all scheduled DBA maintenance jobs using a Job Monitoring table.
Build monthly report of database growth using metrics populated daily to DBA maintained tables.
Assist project teams with any data-refresh in lower environments (Dev/QA) using production data. If lower environments are on other appliance, use nz_migrate or database backup restore to refresh the data.
Assist project teams with any data-extract to be shipped to any other vendor for analysis.
Provide on-call 24*7 support for any critical issues concerning database availability, hardware failures, critical ETL jobs running late, etc.
Schedule monthly maintenance outage to run an automated script to perform Netezza host-backup (nzhostbackup) as well as perform database catalog vacuum (nz_manual_vacuum
Work on process improvements and automations planned for the year.
Monitoring and performing the synch up between production and DR servers.
Service restarts in case the server goes to hung state.
Assisting projects teams with work load management.
Switching the VIP between the two hosts on need / regular basis.
Performing authentication mode setups (LDAP & Local) when needed.
Assisting project team with database / table restore from backups, if any need arises.