Job Description :
any visa/tax term

NetSuite Trainer

Location: South San Francisco CA

Duration: 1 month+

*We are looking for someone to train 6-8 of our staff members on saved
searches, reports, dashboard set up and KPIs. We then may train a few
specific people on handling duplicate contacts/accounts and some other
specific issues. *

*These are users have been in Netsuite for some period of time, they may
have experience with saved searches but not really modifying them and they
are in different departments so may interact with Netsuite in slightly
different ways. The goal we are trying to get to is train someone in each
department (or at least most departments) that can be the Netsuite
reporting expert so their team can get the data they need more quickly. *
*This is probably one or a few trainings over the course of May as a way to
get started. Some staff would be local here in SSF, some we might train
remotely via Google hangout or something like that. *