Job Description :
Hope you are doing well.
This is Swaroop from Keylent Inc;
We have an Urgent opening on " Net/PL-SQL/Oralce) Analyst/Developer " Position at Irving-TX

Skill set : Net/PL-SQL/Oralce) Analyst/Developer
Job Location : Irving-TX
Rate : Open
Duration : Full Time/Contract
Availability : Immediate

Job Description:
A Production Support source to support a critical Telecom project. The Individual should be passionate about software development, experienced in entire SDLC, having worked in the development coding, testing and deployment phases. Capable of quick learning and should have below mentioned Primary and Secondary skills:

Technical Skills:

You NEED to understand and work with .NET code (ASP.NET, C, and should be able to code small enhancements.
You NEED to understand and work with Oracle PL/SQL, and should be able to code small enhancements.
You NEED to understand and work with Linux/Unix log files, know basic Unix commands. Should be able to start and stop processes.
You NEED to understand and work with Microsoft Sql Server, and should be able to code small enhancements.
Preferably able to understand and work with Java code.
You need to be a self learner, and should be able to learn the application on your own, once you are given access to the screens and code. You will be provided with some application Knowledge Sharing videos, but cannot rely on those.
Keep Sharepoint calendar up to date.
Make sure each event on the calendar is planned. Often this will mean just assigning a resource. Some events require more action on our part, and any needed actions should be documented in the calendar event.
Make sure each project or Tracking Point (Maintenance Enhancements) implementation is documented in an implementation summary by the development, and/or production support team. The production support team may not work projects, but should have some Tracking Points complete each month for a migration.
Make sure all CRs (change records) on the calendar are pushed for approvals and tasks are dispatched.
Make sure the offshore team doesn''t get stuck when working incidents, and make sure they are on the right track when debugging issues. Have them copy you on all emails and make sure they are asking the right questions. ''Is the problem still occurring?'' should not be asked unless something has been done to fix the issue, or if we can''t recreate the issue.
Attend complex implementations. Fortunately most overnight events the offshore team handles well.
The offshore Tier2 team should be working Tracking Points during every spare moment they have. Keep them busy.
You will be the contact for all of this Application users.
You will be actively debugging incidents to help the offshore team.
If an incident is for another Application, you will make sure the incident gets forwarded in a timely manner.
You will monitor all the Application user admin work and ask questions to make sure the offshore team is adding the right config/table entries.
You will make sure all server vulnerabilities are addressed.
You will be a secondary or primary oncall, but making sure the primary is doing his/her job.
You will be involved in every Sev1 or Sev2 issue, and ensure users are notified. If there is a potential Sev1 or 2, you will notify the users quickly to avoid it becoming an official Sev1 or 2.
You will monitor incident emails during the daytime, looking for issues that might become a Sev1 or 2. If it''s not a severe issue, the incident can wait for the offshore team if you are busy.
You will monitor email for Application or interface related outages, archiving failed transactions and restoring suspended interfaces.
You will be more than a delegator. You will be actively working issues.
You will be the first contact for the offshore for any problem.

Behavioral Skills:
Resolve technical issues of projects
Participates as a team member
Take ownership of the Application and provide the support as and when needed
Should be the Single Point of Contact for the application Production Support
Mentoring the Team
Effectively collaborates and communicates with the stakeholders and ensure client satisfaction
Train and coach members of project groups to ensure effective knowledge management activity.
Somebody who has at least 8+ years of work experience in software development.