Job Description :
10+ Years of .Net/SQL Developer,
Manhattan, NY
12+ Months Contract
Phone + In-Person/Skype

10+ years of experience working for US companies.
At least 4 years experience working for a Bank or Brokerage house.
FullStack engineers with .Net and SQL Server.
Must have worked for a Bank or Brokerage house in last 4 years.
8+ years recent experience performing debugging, maintenance, and enchantment to existing .Net and SQL Server 2008 Applications.
Last 4+ years of ‘Recent’ experience debugging and maintaining .Net and SQL Sever apps.
Debugging and testing applications using Microsoft .NET & ASP.Net.
Must have 10+ years of object oriented software development.
Must have experience debugging Microsoft SQL Server 2008, including table design, stored procedure, SQL and trigger development.

The JOB:
Client is building a team of Senior Full Stack .NET / SQL Server 2008 Object Oriented consultants to be Production Engineers. These engineers with debug existing applications and do some maintenance and enhancements to new applications so they can operate flawless on the web:
Debug existing .Net and SQL Server 2008 apps.
Debug, maintain, and do enhancement to existing applications, programs, functions, services and other related software components in response to
enterprise needs of moderate to high complexity.
Debug, Maintain and enhance system, applications and program code according to business and technical requirements.
Perform maintenance and enhancement to existing applications.