Job Description :
Job description :

-We need BA + Business requirement + Process + Content Management type of resource

Scope & General Requirements

- Supplier will provide capacity in order to provide Functional Specifications Documents (FSDs), develop Test Requirements Matrices (TRMs), and update the Knowledge Base (KB) and Project Tracker shared by xECM team in support of U2.0 program.
- The supplier team will follow the standard processes and templates for FSD and TRM delivery and other deliverables.
-The supplier team must: be available on site and attend required project meetings during regular business hours; support project meetings and triage activities during non-business hours as approved; maintain and update relevant documents on appropriate SharePoint site in a timely manner.
- Resources will be accountable for engaging project lead/team lead and provide timely communication as well as progress reports of all assigned efforts.


At minimum, the following output is required from the provided capacity, which will be managed as multiple concurrent streams of work:

- Attend and participate in all assigned work-package session. Must be able to provide input and guidance to business in the sessions.
- Attend and participate in technical design sessions, provide input and bring awareness to other technical teams on impacts to xECM documents and functions.
- Review work package designs with other u2.0 work package xECM analysts and developers to avoid design conflicts and ensure cohesive application functions and designs.
- Inform the dev team of impacts to xECM and identify data elements to include in the xsd and functional impacts.
- Provide guidance on delivery schedule to the dev team, PM and other team members.
Complete FSD and obtain necessary approvals
- Create TRM to cover all work packages and initiatives.
Perform unit testing in Dev and validate results in DIT.
- Guide EQM (Enterprise Quality Management) with testing efforts.
- Meet regularly and provide guidance to QAT (Quality Assurance Testing) (EQM Leads) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) (Biz) test scope and activities; validate EQM Test Results.
- Provide leadership and direction in managing defects and triage efforts for xECM
- Maintain current documentation on appropriate SharePoint site.
- Provide Weekly updates and review progress with work package team lead, project lead and dev team.

Responsibilities The services will encompass the following responsibilities:

- Set clear expectations on DIT deployments, and deployment environments.
- Test in DIT thoroughly before UAT/QAT deployment
- Guide EQM with testing efforts. Have ownership in management of defect and triage efforts.
- Assist with QAT/UAT test efforts, making sure code deployed is tested by EQM or appropriate
test authority. Save validation results to SharePoint site.

Reach me at samg(at)mysbscorp(dot)/com