Job Description :
Location: United States - Massachusetts – Lexington

Responsible for the overall management of the Agilent VPD reliability program, act as the internal consultant on all reliability matters and interface with vendors and customers (as necessary) on key reliability programs/issues. This will include development or revising of reliability engineering guidelines to improve product performance through design enhancements to meet company and customer reliability goals.

Key responsibilities of the Reliability Engineer:

Uses principles of performance evaluation and prediction to improve the safety, reliability and maintainability of VPD products.

Develops and administers reliability information systems. Identifies, collects, analyzes, and manages various types of data to minimize failures and improve performance.

Oversees the VPD reliability program and ensures its effectiveness, including program definition, management alignment and organizational responsibilities & development.

Makes investment recommendations for capital, test equipment, facility improvements, and software analytical tools to continuously develop organizational capability.

Ensures reliability methods and processes meet industry standards and world-class methods.

Ensures organizational knowledge regarding design for quality and reliability of VPD products is documented, archived, maintained, disseminated and consistently applied.

Interfaces with design engineering & marketing organizations to generate and/or approve product verification and validation plans, including performance, life/reliability and abuse testing. Will develop reliability test plans that represent the expected use environment and operational conditions. Will select, analyze, and interpret the results of various test methods to be used during product development and end product testing.

Consults and works with development teams and other project teams regarding the application of Reliability Engineering tools (e.g. statistical analysis, reliability modeling & prediction, FMEA, FTA, DFx techniques, fault tolerance, optimization, DOE, etc) to achieve quality and reliability goals.

Works cross-functionally to resolve reliability problems that result in excessive field failures.
SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS [note: bold skills and certification are required]
Certified Reliability Engineer, preferred