Job Description :
Location: NYC
Duration: 24 Months
Rate: Open on 1099 or W2 all inclusive


Provide disparate applications and platforms with the ability to share data across heterogeneous systems and data platforms, by integration between DOE database and vendor systems; data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture; analysis and development of interfaces to vendors; DOE data store development; report development and application development.
Provide overall database architecture, design, installation, configuring, technical support and maintenance of MS SQL Server 2016 Databases in a Storage Area Network (SAN) and Cluster Server environment;
Performing installation, configuration, customization, creation, implementation and support;
Setup/administer MS SQL Server 2016 database security environment;
Carry out DB Performance Tuning, troubleshoot DB problems and work with Microsoft support on problems and questions;
Install and configure, customize MS SQL Server 2016 server and clients;
Schedule, install and configure MS SQL Server 2016 upgrades;
Monitors, performs and troubleshoots ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) jobs to ensure data integrity utilizing FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Command Scripts, Task Scheduler, DTS (Data Transformation Services), and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services);
Install, configure, customize MS SQL Server 2016 related system level software;
Design, develop and create all database file system layouts and MS SQL Server 2016 databases;
Monitor software notifications and updates;
Manage distributed databases and configure client/server and Web-based environments;
Provide technical assistance and troubleshooting support to developers;
Review database design specifications and application coding routines to ensure adherence to best practices for database usage;
Ensure database performance is maintained at optimal levels and can support defined business requirements;
Create/maintain referential integrity relationships/constraints;
Provide problem diagnosis and resolution and schedule database backups;
Diagnose and resolve backup failures;
Configure, analyze application MS SQL Server 2016 to perform SQL Tuning for performance improvement opportunities;
Develop/maintain MS SQL Server 2016 database operational procedures;
Experience MS SQL Server 2016 backup and recovery is highly desirable;
Experience in supporting high-availability production databases;

Mandatory Requirements:

1. 84+ Months of Experience in Database Management performing installation, configuration, customization, implementation and support of MS SQL Server Database
2. 84+ Months of Experience in Managing distributed databases, ESB and SOA.
3. 84+Months of experience and expertise in monitoring and troubleshooting ETL, DTS, SSIS and Data warehouse
4. 84+ Months of experience configuring MS SQL Server
5. 84+ Months of hands-on experience in MS SQL Server Performance Tuning, Query Optimization and Production support.
6. 84+ Months of hands-on experience writing complex Stored Procedure, Functions
7. Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university
8. MS SQL Server 2016 Certification