Job Description :
Need Lead Drupal Developer
Location: Albany, NY 12236
Duration: 12 Months
Rate: Open on c2c or 1099 all inc

The New York State intends to procure one programmer for staff augmentation (“Consultant”) to provide technical leadership with the development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of a Drupal Content Management System (“CMS”

The Consultant, together with the client project team, will develop, test, implement, and maintain a Drupal CMS. The Consultant will provide post-production maintenance and support. The Consultant will also perform the same tasks during the Phase 2 website redesign project, which includes developing, testing, implementing a redesigned website which balances improved end-user engagement, usability, and customer satisfaction with strategic and operational priorities.
The Consultant shall assist Client with the developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining of a Drupal CMS and will have the following duties and responsibilities:
Build enterprise Drupal solutions including data, display, and information architecture;
Deliver full stack web solutions, including front-end User Interface (“UI”) and backed services;
Create custom modules as necessary;
Work closely with project team members and stakeholders to ensure an effective, visually appealing and intuitive implementation;
Build a responsive website that meets Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) accessibility guidelines;
Analyze functional requirements and develop technical requirements;
Apply appropriate technology as a solution to the business problem;
Assist other team members in the creation of design documents and other related system documentation, and review and approve final technical design;
Assign development tasks to team members and assist as needed;
Provide CMS coding specifications and standards, and validate code against those standards;
Conduct code reviews and recommend changes;
Manage and monitor user acceptance testing of all code changes in a test environment, resolving any defects;
Conduct on-the-job training in PHP/CMS implementation for staff; and
Provide post-production maintenance and support.

Mandatory Requirements:


The Consultant must meet the following minimum qualifications:
Three years’ experience with coding and testing PHP, HTML, XML, and Javascript;
Three years’ experience with installing, setting up and configuring a Drupal CMS;
Three years’ experience with gathering, documenting, and managing functional requirements and developing technical requirements;
Three years’ experience with managing and monitoring unit and user acceptance testing, following a defined testing methodology, and resolving any defects;
Two years’ experience coding using responsive design; and
Two years’ experience working with MySQL.


Client will give preference to candidates with the following qualifications:
Any experience beyond what is required to meet Minimum Qualifications #M1 through M6 for this position;
Acquia Certified Developer – Drupal 8;
Experience coding using HTML5, Bootstrap, and Twig; and
Three years’ experience coding web pages that meet ADA accessibility guidelines