Job Description :
Hi ,

Please let me know if you''re comfortable with the position detailed below. This position is an urgent hire.

Location : Indianapolis IN
Duration : 3-6 months

Skillset needed:
SQL expertise (querying data to verify accuracy)
Heavy on data validation skills.
o Able to validate the source and destination in some type of ETL process to ensure data is showing up in the destination as expected.
o Able to spot data abnormalities in large amounts of data (such as “all data from yesterday in this column is a 0…that doesn’t seem right” or “every other row has a value in this column between 100-125, but this row has a 3, that seems strange”
o Able to come up to speed on business requirements around the data. (I know off the bat, they’re not going to be able to tell “what the data should be” from a business perspective. We will need to lean on people that know the business to know whether the data “feels right” or not. However, over time, my hope is this tester would gain a feel for that
Mulesoft knowledge would be awesome, as that’s the new tool we’re using for a lot of data consolidation
May also need to do some API testing (use Postman to make API calls and use database skills to verify things look right in the database)

Laxman | Kairos Technologies Inc
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