Job Description :
JOb description:
- Learn our custom AEM authoring system to gain SME status then provide hands-on and warroom instruction sessions with other parties who need to author pages.
- Provide AEM best practices in combination with nuances of using this one of a kind custom Clients ecosystem. While not instructing others, this person will prepare training materials and examples as well as triage submitted defects to confirm it is technology or authoring at fault.
- Use the authoring at fault defects to develop further instruction.

Essential Job Functions:

- AEM Authoring, using Clients''s custom AEM implementation Ability to effectively converse with a diverse collection of AEM Authors from around Clients.
- Ability as an instructor to effectively convey knowledge to others so they may learn. Ability to troubleshoot defects to provide triage and proper assignment.
- Ability to develop training materials to support education sessions.
Reach me at samg(at)mysbscorp(dot)com