Job Description :
Scope of activities:
Use shell command line to set up Ubuntu on server as well as set up new hosting CMS if needed
Configure an Amazon server and upgrade to larger instance if needed
Run load tests to verify that the server can handle a specified amount of traffic to prepare for announcements
Configure an Apache server for hosting
Set up local dev environment on OSX
Run a front end workflow using NodeJS, Grunt/GULP, and SASS
Add, test, update, write, and modify WordPress plugins for staging and production
Use ReactJS and JSON to serve up content to the front end
Use git to push, pull, merge, cherrypick your workflow and WordPress theme
Implement and test Google Analytics/GTM events on site
Configure Google Analytics to filter out junk data
Implement Optimizely and Google Analytics A/B tests on variations of the site including swapping out text, styling, and images
Implementing pixel-perfect, responsive WordPress theme from PSD or AI mockups
Use the latest ES6 JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 technologies to implement new features into site

5 years minimum of development experience
Knows PHP, ES6 JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, SASS, WordPress, NodeJS, ReactJS, REST api, Google Analytics