Job Description :
Job Description:

* Programmer should be knowledgeable with NX9 or above
* NC programming for multi-axis milling, turning and inspection of aircraft engine parts using NX
* UG/NX CAD, CAM tool path creation, TC Manufacturing (TCMfg),
UG/NX CMM and Valisys
* TCMfg, DCL, probing, posts, Closed Loop (CL) machining and APT conversion tools
Knowledge and experience with TC APIs and third- party integrations, preferably any or all of BCT Inspector, FAI, and Tiptech software products very beneficial
* Prepare training materials and perform on-site classes associated with UG/NX CAD/CAM, Posts, TC and Resource Manager (TCRM)
* Adaptive Milling (AM)
* Demonstrated patents for re-engineering processes for fixtures specific to aircraft engine machining applications

Keywords - NX9, UG, NC, Team Center, CAM, CAD, Valisys , multi-axis milling, DCL, probing, posts

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