Job Description :
Position: Mobile Web Developer

Location: Bay Area, CA

Duration: 6+ Months

Job Description:
We are looking for someone with 5 to 6 years’ experience with 3 or more following skills;

1. Android Development

o Board Support Package – Bootloader, Kernel, Android System etc.

o Linux Drivers with Android Support –Board, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, USB, Serial, GPIO etc.

o Application Development using Android Studio – User Interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Networking, REST Services, JNI, SWIG

2. Web Development

o Web Backend Development – Python, Django, Django REST Framework, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Celery etc.

o Web Front end Development – AngularJS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript

3. Linux Development

o C/C++ Servers and Applications for Linux OS,

o Linux System Management – OS Installation and Configuration, Networking, Apache, MySQL etc.

o Integrating Open Source Libraries and Frameworks – C/C++

4. Windows Development - C/C++ Servers and Applications (Desirable)

5. iOS Development (Desirable)

6. SIP Video Calling – SIP over UDP/TCP/TLS, SSL, RTP/SRTP, Audio/Video codecs (Desirable)