Job Description :
Position Description:

Looking for an engineer with experience developing Phone apps for iPhone iOS and Anroid Phones.
That person should have strong knowledge of best practices for app development and also good knowledge of how supporting phone hardware functions and what the app can obtain and not obtain from the phone hardware along with how hardware limitations may effect the app operation.
Ford is developing phone based features where we need to understand and assess the subsystem inside the phone consisting of the App, Bluetooth Chip, Touch Matrix, Display, and interlinking data buses.

Skills Required:

¿ iOS (Apple) Phone App development experience (MUST) ¿ Knowledge of the Phone Bluetooth Low Energy chip and application level software (MUST) ¿ Knowledge of App priority and managing interrupts from other phone features where possible (MUST)

Skills Preferred:

¿ Android Phone App development experience (Preferred) ¿ Knowledge of the Phone Touchscreen system (Preferred)

Experience Required:

Direct experience writing phone apps that have been certified by Apple or Android stores and are in public use

Education Required:

BS in Sciences