Job Description :
Job Summary:
We are looking for mission-driven engineers who want to work on problems that really matter in the world. Given the diversity of technologies we use, we prefer self-starting generalist engineers who can dive into any codebase and make meaningful changes quickly. We are also looking for strong specialists who can teach the rest of us how things should be done! We would love for you to have had the experience of working in a high quality software engineering environment where:
Worked with a team of designers/engineers who reviewed each other’s code/designs and held each other to high bar for quality of code/designs.
Wrote unit tests and testable code.
Experience with continuous integration, and participated in build and release processes.
Owned the quality of the code you wrote.
Iterated quickly by getting early and continuous feedback from customers.
Detailed knowledge of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol.
Experience shipping connected apps that communicate with hardware via BLE.
Hands-on experience with CoreBluetooth (iOS) and/or Bluetooth Le library (Android
Experience designing new BLE communication protocols.
Ability to develop testing applications for protocol validation and manufacturing and testing.
Strong C# skills
Experienced with Xamarin Native development is a plus
Experience with Swift/Objective-C (iOS) and/or Java (Android) is a plus

Not only writing great code, but also reviewing others’ code to make them better
Collaborating with hardware engineers, designers, product managers, and business folks to help ship hardware needed for new products and enhancements
Owning the quality of your code even (especially!) when it is running in production
Being an evangelist of our mission in the technology community

please share the resumes to bhagya at hireitpeople dot com