Job Description :
Skills and qualifications:
Proficiency in deploying, administering and supporting IBM WebSphereMQ.
Additionally similar experience with any of the following messaging products, SolaceSystems Message Routers, Tibco EMS, Informatica Ultra Messaging or AMQP, is desirable.
The group is also responsible for engineering and supporting ESB products within the bank, and so experience with one of the popular implementations (for example IBM MessageBroker/Integration Bus or RedHat FUSE) is also desirable.
Working knowledge of the technical solutions and paradigms used in the messaging domain.
Working knowledge of at least one of the OS used within CS (Linux, Solaris and Windows
Working knowledge of Network infrastructure and Network protocols (TCP/IP, multicast etc.
Competence in software development or scripting with common languages (Java, C/C++, .Net, Python, Perl etc is highly desirable.
Ability to communicate vision and ideas effectively to peers
Ability to cooperatively work within a large, global enterprise to deliver a specific business desire while enhancing the corporate environment as a whole.
Intellectual capacity to break down a problem or situation into its component parts, identifying alternative solutions to solve, clearly articulating the pros and cons of each, and making clear recommendations for the best alternative.
Computer Science education.