Job Description :

Microsoft dot net Solution Architect

Mandatory Technical Skills

React JS

React Router



Babel - transform file from ES6 to ES5

Webpack - bundling and minification


ESLint - compile time checking and

force best practices


Node.js – UI backend

PAAS - CloudFoundry

Desirable Technical Skills

? Good understanding of the technology industry including

proven, leading practices as well as emerging practices and


? Understand, work with, and drive application functional and

non-functional testing

? Participate in code reviews, identifying anti-patterns in the

code and refactoring opportunities

? Exceptional knowledge of the logical and physical data models

for specific applications

? Familiarity with the data of related applications, at least from

an integration perspective

? Exceptional knowledge of business functionality/rules and how

the functionality is implemented using the application''s


? Understand the business process and business rules for an

application area

? Reviews Design Documents prepared by Sr. Developers on the

Team and provide constructive feedback on the completeness

and quality of the documentation

? Good working relationship with technical Leaders in their

portfolio, and as appropriate strong working

Mandatory Functional Skills

? Performs strategic technical design, direction, leadership and development

oversight certifying alignment to Architecture standards while contributing to assumption based planning. Ensures stories developed are

comprehensive, consistent, complete and adhere to template standards

? Provides technical guidance to QATesting lead to develop and implement

story testing strategy

? Responsible for overall solution integrity for, including quality and


? Maintains development process discipline which may include code reviews, code coverage, and metrics collection

? Mentors new Developers to get them up to speed with codebase,

environment & domain

Desirable Functional Skills

Total Experience Required

14 years

Work Location



9 Months

Sierra Business Solution
(O) (Preferred(M)
Email:Aarti at sierrasoln dot com
(Working from Phoenix-AZ on PST time zone)