Job Description :
Strong understanding of microservice architecture
Excellent knowledge of challenges related to building cloud-native and 12-factor apps
Hands-on experience in developing and deploying microservices
Experience working with containers, Docker, Kubernetes or other container schedulers
Experience using IaaS, PaaS from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Pivotal
Knowledge of Amazon ECS or other cloud container services
Expert in design and development of Java and Java EE applications
Expert in design and development of Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud applications
Expert is design and development of RESTful APIs using JAX-RS and JSON
Experience with event-based and message-driven distributed systems
Strong understanding of SOA, EAI and EIP
Excellent knowledge on various mobile platforms and mobile API (mBaaS) platforms
Strong understanding of HTTP, web-sockets, TCP/IP and RPC protocols
Understanding of security using SSL protocols and data encryption
Experience using Git and Gradle
Strong understanding of DevOps, CI and CD
Good understanding of one other programming language like JavaScript (Node.JS) is a plus