Job Description :
Background: The company is a large Medical Device company who is going to be starting a clinical trial for a Digital Pathology product. They need a Clinical Trial Manager to come onto the team and help with both strategy and execution of the clinical trial. They need to have a clinical trial process put in place, including writing procedures for the trial. This consultant will also be overseeing the trial.
Project: This consultant will come onto the project and plan out the clinical trial, so a depth of experience and knowledge with trial design and procedures is imperative. The consultant will also be writing the procedures that will guide the team through the clinical trial. Because of that, this consultant need to have experience actually writing procedures from scratch and be willing to do the hands-on execution work. They will also be overseeing the team as they perform the trial and report the findings.
Clinical Trial Management
Hands-On Procedure Writing
Digital Pathology Experience
Philips Digital Pathology Products 510(k) Experience

Client : Will be discussed later