Job Description :
IT Security Specialist - Administrator
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE Atlanta, GA – 30303
12+ Months

This position will manage applications which provide security services across the enterprise. The primary focus of this position will be to manage the McAfee EPO and a full client ENS 10.5 environment that includes, AV, threat prevention, DLP, and disk encryption. This position will also administrate or assist in administration of other security tools.

Support, manage and maintain the McAfee ePO environment
Maintaining the health of agents
Building and automating reports for agent health, scan results, etc
Managing the capacity and capabilities of the environment
Enhancing the design as needed to support new functionality and resolve issues
Management of all Mcafee policies
Facilitate and manage the continued deployment lifecycle of McAfee Security suite across the enterprise
Provide incident response for detected threats from EPO Server
Preparation and maintenance of documentation
Cross-training other Infrastructure Security Operations team members on duties and functions, and receiving cross-training to learn additional duties and functions to provide backup
Shared or full responsibility managing agency email security
Responsibility in administering RetinaCS/Powerbroker vulnerability, auditing, and privilege escalation software.
Shared responsibility in other security software for networks and windows.
Understanding of securing information based upon compliance and regulations (PII, FERPA, ETC)

Ability to complete tasks and produce appropriate deliverables within constraint of deadlines
Must be organized, persistent and be able to communicate effectively and professionally with a wide variety of teams
Team player with excellent written and oral communication and organizational skills

5+ years experience as a McAfee ePO administrator
3 years experience as a Windows administrator
Experience with Mcafee in a VDI enviroment
Working knowledge of Enterprise Security products
Ability to quickly pick up new knowledge of specific applications within the environment
Strong attention to details with the ability to troubleshoot issues and provide resolution
Demonstrates constant consideration of risks and impacts especially with