Job Description :
We are looking for Mainframe Programmer in Washington, DC for 12+ months contract position.

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Job Description:
Position: Mainframe Programmer
Location: 1709 New York Avenue NW Washington, DC 20006
Duration: 12-18+ months
Client: Direct Client

Technical Environment: IBM mainframe hardware: zBC12, z13s, z14 ZR1; IBM mainframe software: z/OS V2.1; Disks: Hitachi SAN; Tape: IBM VTL TS77nn. Related products/components: DB2, TSO/ISPF, JES2, SDSF, DFSMS, DFSMShsm, DFSMSdss, ACF2, MIM, CA-1, CA-7, ENDEVOR, PDSMAN, MICS, SMF Director, FDR, MXG, Informatica, BMC DB2 Tools, ThruPut Manager, T-REX, LRS VPS products, SAS. (Note: No CICS, no IMS, no COBOL)

Essential skills:
Excellent knowledge of the overall z/OS operating architecture, including hardware, HMC, consoles, z/OS, networking, and program products
Experience with supporting z/OS in a small team
Experience supporting and upgrading a broad range of z/OS and ISV program products and components, including SMP/E and non-SMP/E upgrades
Specific installation and user experience with many of these key products and components: z/OS, HMC operation, z/OS HCD/IODF, z/OS PARMLIB, ACF2, CA-1, CA-7, z/OS USS, IBM System Automation, JES2, DASD Administration, z/OS networking (SNA and TCP/IP), ICSF Administration.
Specific experience installing and customizing z/OS and CA products, such as CA1, CA7, and ACF2, is highly desired

Description of duties:
This is a medium-term position for an experienced z/OS systems programmer with a broad support background and specific experience with many of the key products and components listed above. The scope of responsibilities includes:
Working with existing Board procedures for IPLs, DASD replication, Disaster Recovery support, Automation, and DASD backups
Installing, customizing and upgrading systems software, especially CA products such as CA1, CA7, and ACF2, to reach a stable z/OS V2.3 operating environment
Ad hoc problem diagnosis and resolution
Working within the team and working closely with other teams to resolve problems and maintain system availability
(Optional) Supporting a z/OS upgrade from V2.1 to V2.3
(Optional) Supporting a hardware upgrade from zBC12 to z14 ZR1