Job Description :
Role - MSSQL /DBA Database Architect
State project
Location - Olympia,WA

Technical Skills

10+ years’ experience as a MSSQL /DBA Database Architect on large scale software development project
Solid knowledgeable of SQL Server Internals and Architecture and ability to use that knowledge to resolve complex SQL problems
Proficiency in the process of data modeling and normalization
Proficiency in implementing physical data model for optimal performance & data integrity
Solid experience in table design, index design & Index maintenance for best performance.
Knowledge of data standards and enforcement of these standards throughout the SDLC process
Expert Knowledge of SQL Coding best practices and ability to work with application developers to ensure that they are followed.
Solid knowledge of .NET framework and database access methods & configuration
Proficiency in in database source code management and schema version control
Proficiency in managing Deployment of Database changes to various environments
Proficiency in specifying optimal database server and database configurations for the best performance
Proficiency in database performance tuning including T-SQL tuning, database access logic, performance troubleshooting, measure and track KPIs
Solid knowledge of SQL Server security and access control.
Proficiency in selecting and implementing SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions
Ability to automate day to day operational tasks using scripts.
Proficiency in implementing backup, restore and other database maintenance procedures
Proficiency in recommending hardware and capacity planning
General Knowledge of data security and legal responsibility when handling customer data
Experience with implementation of CDC and Change Tracking
Minimum 1-year experience with MS-Reporting Services (SSRS)
Minimum 1-year experience in developing and troubleshooting SSIS packages

Soft skills

Excellent written and oral Communication skills
Strong organizational, time management and prioritization skills
Ability to understand business requirements and translate those into database requirements
Work with client and devise creative solutions to the problems
Proactively keep good documentation and provide reports on key issues
Strong Willingness to acquire new skills quickly when needed
Must be an excellent team player

Preferred Certifications for SQL Server

Database Administrator
Database Architect

Client : Deloitte