Job Description :
Client: USFF Command
Location: Norfolk, VA
Period of Performance: November 2017 to November 2018 with 4 option years
Title: Senior MS SQL Server Database Administrator


SCOPE: Client uses Microsoft SQL Servers Enterprise to support several SharePoint and Custom Applications. The DBA will perform and execute the duties and responsibilities outlined below on all Microsoft SQL Servers and Services used by client.
Perform configuration to include but not limited to adding features, installation, patching, upgrading, reconfigurations, and fail over and redundancy using Clustering and/or Availability Groups.
Perform data management to include but not limited to database design and normalization, creation, deletion and alterations of databases, stored procedures, functions, diagrams, indexes, etc. and data extractions, transformations, and loading (ETL
Write documentation on centralized storage of Data Element Dictionaries (DED) and Data Models, configuration changes, current configurations, DBA activities, future plans, server activities, standards Server configurations, maintenance, security and operations
Development and deliver training materials.
Provide training and assistance to data analysts, coders/programmers (including pre-production code reviews), data modelers, managers, and users.
Perform maintenance to include but not limited to creating/scheduling/maintaining SQL jobs, alerts, backup and recovery, cleanup of out-of-date files and records, database integrity checks, index defragmentation, reviewing error logs, sizing and resizing files, and updating statistics.
Perform auditing, base lining/enhancing/optimizing/tuning (especially index tuning and custom statistics), monitoring and troubleshooting.
Plan configuration changes, future workloads, and future system resources
Report to management about system conditions and future needs. Inform on systems issues and recommend resolutions.
Perform security auditing, configuring, and applying STIGs and patches.
Develop, implement and manage business intelligence by installing/configuring/administering SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Analysis Services.
Write SSRS reports. Create and manage OLAPs and cubes
Perform other DBA functions not covered above pertaining to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher.
Develop POAMs and provide recommendations on best practice with

Client : USFF