Job Description :
MS. Net Oracle Security Architect (05038)
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:
HMIS is a data warehouse initiative brought forth by OTDA Center of Specialized Services. The New York State Data Warehouse Project is an initiative by the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) to understand the nature and scope of homelessness across the State of New York. The Data Warehouse, phased in over a few years, will be created, maintained and operated by OTDA. Begins with the Solutions To End Homelessness Program (STEHP) data from local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) implementations that serve programs receiving STEHP funds.
The existing Welfare to Work Case Management System provides local districts or their designated outside providers the ability to collect and record information pertinent to their job functions, and to monitor the progress of PA and FS clients through required steps to self-sufficiency. There are many business related enhancements to the system that are needed.

Work with State Agency and ISO staff on current security and data encryption requirements\techniques utilized to protect HMIS and WPF application data.
-Work with the existing state team to fully implement HMIS with multiple vendors across the state
-Provide architectural guidance and assistance designing and developing new LAFTRAK application
-Research and provide architectural review and direction of various other Microsoft .Net based open system applications.
-Provide mentoring and guidance to our .Net development staff.
-Guidance and assistance in maintaining other OTDA’s critical .Net applications (includes approximately 25 applications
-Troubleshoot production issues within the .Net applications and core technologies.


1. 72 or more month’s demonstrated experience utilizing the ORACLE DBMS_CRYPTO package to implement AES 256 encryption or Microsoft .NET RijnedaeI Managed objects to implement initialization Vector based encryption to store HIPAA or Red Flag protected client information. #of months
2. 84 or more of month’s demonstrated experience on medium to large-scale projects as a Message Broker expert utilizing the MS .NET framework, Web Services, MS Window Services, with interoperability capabilities across multiple platforms and COTS products providing audit functionality to confirm 100% message receipt verification. #of months
3. 24 or more month’s demonstrated experience designing and creating Large-Scale ORACLE Data Warehouse incorporating STAR schemas, Cost-Based optimizers, Bitmap Indexes, and STAR transformation optimizers. #of months
4. 84 or more of month’s demonstrated experience developing projects related to social services (for example, Housing, Foster Care, Welfare, HEAP, TANF #of months
5. 24 or more month’s demonstrated experience using a Design Pattern with Microsoft .NET to extract data from XML files based on HUD defined XSD. #of months
6. 24 or more months experience using ORACLE technologies to create a data Lockbox to prevent users, employees, programmers, and internal administrators from accessing unencrypted HIPPA related information. #of months
7. 84 or more of month’s demonstrated experience utilizing Microsoft Windows Server diagnostic and configuration tools to manage and troubleshoot load balanced web servers in a multi-tiered environment. #of months
8. 48 or more month’s demonstrated experience coding with middleware software to connect to mainframe services. #of months
9. Certification: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) #of months
10. Master’s Degree #of months