Job Description :
Access Developer
Location: Exton, PA
Terms: 6 months contract to hire (no visa sponsorship)

Process: F2F Interview Required

Job Description
· A creative thinker with superior knowledge of MS Access, MS databases (including SQL Server) who can transform legacy processes into efficient, automated, user-friendly processes that support the company’s critical internal and external business intelligence/management reports.
· A successful candidate in this position will be able to review the company’s current MS Access environment and identify opportunities for efficiencies, including but not limited to automated processes and reasonable data retention and movement. This person will provide user support to non-technical MS Access users and ensure that the company’s use of MS Access for, e.g. internal and external reporting, is simple, accurate, and reliable. This person will be the “bridge” between the company’s legacy database environment and new data warehouse, working with a development team to transform reports and supporting databases.
· This person will maintain the company’s current MS Access environment at its optimal level of performance, including analyzing and sustaining capacity, and performance requirements; overseeing backup, clustering and failover; and providing support for critical situations. Must be able to handle ongoing maintenance, avoid failures, and detect and repair MS Access queries and supporting databases.
· Because of the innate critical nature of the company’s data warehouse, there is a high expectation that this person will be available, prompt, and pay close attention to detail.

Essential Functions:
· Responsible for the build, ongoing maintenance, failure avoidance, error detection and repair of MS Access databases.
· Design, install, tune, maintain and monitor MS Access databases, related products and services, including but not limited to storage/space management, performance tuning, software debugging, backup and recovery activity.
· Implement complex database solutions independently or as part of a team.
· Audit current practices to ensure efficiency including but not limited to naming, coding, database security, data access, documentation
· Perform issue resolution and root cause analysis along with recommending best practices to ensure systemic standardization.
· Install and test upgrades and patches.
· Provide internal and external customer support in a fast-paced, demanding environment.

Competency and Position Requirements
· 3+ years’ experience in MS Access development and MS Access database skills
· 3+ years’ experience data mapping, diagramming legacy processes and workflows with the goal of creating efficiencies and automating manual processes
· 3+ years’ experience with MS Excel, including demonstrated ability to write macros in MS Excel
· 3+ years’ working with large data sets
· 2+ years’ experience production-level MS Access databases
· Significant experience with MS Access modeling, troubleshooting, and performance testing
· Experience with database clustering, modeling, troubleshooting and performance testing.
· Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with quickly changing priorities
· More than 2 years’ experience using ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, and TDS.
· B.S. in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent.
· Proficient with MS Office (Word, Excel, etc