Job Description :
Job Title :Johnston, RI
Work Location: MQ System Administrator
Contract duration: 6+ Months

Minimum 9+ Years of experience
Required LinkedIn Id, Passport number mandatory, DL and Visa Copy along with I-94.

Must Have Skills:
6+ years of experience as MQ administrator
L1 Activities
Queue Manager Log Monitoring
Daily Health Checks of Queue Manager, Queues, Channels and Listeners
Tracking Disk Usage, Memory Usage
Reporting , Documentation and Vendor Co-ordination
SLA reports, Service Outage report, Availability and performance reports
Troubleshoot Level1 incidents using Standard Operating Procedures
Dead Letter Queue Monitoring

L2 Activities

Configuration of Queue Managers, Queues, Channels and Listeners
Create broker configuration on need basis and deploy applications
Security implementation across Queue Managers and channels
Configuring logging mechanism
Implement the Backup and Recovery Procedures
Proactive Performance Optimization Measures
Problem Management & RCA
Manage Server Consolidation and Migration
Implement Clustering For High Availability and Load Balancing

L3 Activities

Planning, implementation of initiatives such as Server Consolidation and Migration
Advice on emerging technologies which could benefit the business by giving better TCO/ROI
Helping produce Capacity Plan in line with business planning cycle
Identify Capacity requirements early enough to take account of procurement lead times
Represent capacity issues on the change advisory board (CAB)