Job Description :
8+ years of solid Java coding experience building complex large-scale systems
Exposure to Python programming (1-2 years); knowledge of various handy Python Libraries such as Pandas, Multiprocessing, Conda, etc. Look for someone with REAL work experience
Experience building and integrating REST APIs
Experience with Spring
Experience developing scalable big data solutions on the Cloud.
Experience building micro-services on the Cloud
Experience in performance measurements and tuning
Strong understanding of design patterns and experience in developing re-usable frameworks
Strong understanding of multi-threading and related concepts
Experience with container technologies (Docker)
Good knowledge of SQL
Experience implementing software unit tests
Experience working with Git (GitHub/BitBucket)
Experience working in Agile SCRUM teams
Experienced in Jenkins based CI/CD systems
Strong analytical thinking and ability to solve algorithmic tasks
Proven experience troubleshooting and debugging complex system issues
Proficiency in using UNIX-based tools and systems
Recognizes importance of internal and external deadlines
Able to work under minimal supervision
Strong communicator with a proven track record of working collaboratively on complex projects

Highly Desired:
Experience working on embedded systems / IoT edge-to-cloud solutions