Job Description :
Develop and design the configuration management architecture
Develop build automation and migration instructions
Develop mobile and service-to-service authentication patterns
Modify the design and architecture to ensure growth scalability
Develop automation for application configuration and customer onboarding.
Develop enhancements to the login and error pages for application-specific use cases
Build an enhancement of Ping server monitoring, alerting, and health checks
Performance tuning
Harden security for independent installations of Ping Access and Ping Federate that span across Digital Aviation in multiple data centers and/or cloud environments
Design the approach and develop the physical mechanisms to enable fully automated disaster recovery
Assist with tools and methods for production operations that will span across Digital Aviation in multiple data centers and/or cloud environments

Required Technical Skills/Acceptance Criteria
Resulting in one master copy of FedProxy which is then automatically populated to the other FedProxy instances.
Enable the build automation & migration team so they can create the automation build and testing code using Chef scripting, as well as infrastructure automation using Terraform and other tools
Successful authentication.
Scalability up to 8X
Need to be able to perform application configuration and customer onboarding within 1 hour SLA
Able to successfully complete use cases.
Server monitoring, alerting and health checks functioning as expected.
Able to support up to 100+ applications in 2018
Able to support potentially 7 (or more) independent installations.
Support 99.99 availability (AEC Lvl4) across all of our production FedProxy deployments starting base of half a million users and scaling upwards
Able to successfully execute backup, recovery, logging, monitorin