Job Description :
Requires senior level technical and project expertise, which the Linux Automation team currently does not have. The deliverables will include automated deployment, maintenance and patching tools for Linux-based products and services in AWS as well as artifacts of scrum and project management
1. Puppet automation modules to deploy, update, provision, manage and maintain services and systems in AWS including commercial, FOSS-based and internally developed products and services
2. Automation scripts for monitoring and support of complex, high-availability applications. Scripts shall use industry-standard tools of Linux and AWS, in addition to Puppet.
3. System architecture with automation for security, scalability, reliability, and performance.
4. Strategies for versioning of scripts, code, and automation
5. Liaison, including documentation and other communications, with vendors and development groups to highlight security, architecture and operational perspectives to the SDLC, and provide deliverables on schedule.