Job Description :
Sr Software Engineer, Performance - Contractor- (1- open spot) -Preferred Vendor Requirement
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL (ONSITE ONLY)
LOA: 12+ Months
Status: US Citizen, Green Card, EAD is OK but status cannot be (EAD - F1 STEM OPT) & (NO H1B candidates)
Interview process: NO onsite interview, candidate will have (3) Google Hangout/SKYPE interviews over the phone.

Full Job Description:
The Senior Software Engineer, Performance - Contractor will independently perform all aspects of performance testing. Seeking candidates with extensive experience in embedded software on Linux or Android. Engineer that will be responsible for analysis to reach required Performance targets. Candidate must be able demonstrate extraordinary skills in attention to system Performance development: understanding complex software systems, providing performance problems analysis, lead of investigation and fixing bottlenecks. Seeking strong communication skills and the ability to work in an environment with interdisciplinary teams.
Responsible for providing expertise and technical leadership in performance engineering and tuning for large-scale software systems so they achieve system performance SLA objectives.
Develop, test, maintain and debug software components for existing or new products.
Responsible for profile and triage performance and scalability problems through the web, application, database and infrastructure stacks.
Evaluates new technology stacks against current tool set, implementing appropriate changes as necessary.
Works closely with product development personnel to attain the highest level of system performance by identifying potential performance bottlenecks and mitigation strategies for improvement.
Assisting the completion of external and internal audit requests.
Top Three Skills from the hiring manager that the candidate MUST HAVE:

1. 7+ years of C++ ( the manager won''t consider a software engineer without some sort of Linux development )
2. 7+ years of Linux development ( Kernel or device drivers or package manager or package )
3. 7+ years of Performance ( this is system performance tools to do CPU/GPU analysis )

BIG PLUS – If a candidate has experience with:
1. Memory profiling and analysis using valgrind, smem; of memory layout (heap, stack, bss/data, text) and in general how VMM works in Linux
2. Resources and power management for embedded Linux/Android
Below are some examples of performance tools:

Systrace - system-wide profiler which allows to see process placement and some internal information, main tool

Simpleperf - a sampling profiler similar to Linux Perf, developed by google and built into Nova.

Tegra System Profiler (TSP) description - CPU/GPU profiler from NVIDIA, has some benefits in comparison to SysTrace

Linux Perf - The primary performance tool bundled with the Linux Kernel. It supports the collection of various different kinds of data including HW and SW counter sampling and tracing.

tegrastats - statistics from Tegra SoC: RAM, Swap, CPU, EMC

strace - out-of-box syscalls profiler, allow to understand what is userspace required from the kernel

cpustats - statistics collection for each cpu in the system detailing how much time each frequency was used

Tegra Graphics Debugger - Currently not functional on Nova