Job Description :
The Logistics Engineer is responsible for improving the productivity, quality, performance, and profitability of the company’s operations and service offerings by applying engineering methods and analysis to a variety of business opportunities and problems. He or she will utilize technology, programming skills, and quantitative methods to design.

Job Description
Functions & Responsibilities:
Apply Industrial Engineering methods and skills to gather and analyze information to improve company and customer processes and results.
Apply operations research techniques to optimize assignments, scheduling, routing, and pricing under uncertainty.
Develop ways of measuring and communicating operational effectiveness that generate business insight for the organization.
Identify and define business process improvement project opportunities.
Communicate and sell improvement ideas to key decision makers.
Obtain feedback on proposed improvement ideas.
Manage and execute multiple projects under dynamic and often short timelines. Time management is essential.
Design process, system, and technology solutions to meet customer and company business needs.
Measure and report the results (costs and benefits) of implemented projects.
Bachelor''s degree in Industrial Engineering, Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Transportation Logistics or a related field and
2 years business experience is required.
Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or Operations Research is preferred.
The ability to use and apply advanced mathematical concepts such as statistics, linear programming, simulation, and predictive modeling/forecasting techniques is a plus.
Successful candidates will have a solid working knowledge of relational databases, computer programming, structured query language, data visualization tools, and Microsoft Office Suite tools.
The successful candidate will also possess a record of academic focus and leadership experience combined with demonstrated interpersonal and teamwork skills