Job Description :
Title: Localization Tester - nl-NL-Tester CS GT
Location: San Jose CA
Duration: Long Term

Primary Skill: Mobile and Tablet Applications Testing
Language Requirement: Should be a native speaker of Dutch Language or BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE
Find bugs and apply engineering rigor to reproduce and diagnose those bugs
Write concise and descriptive bug reports and present test results to other project stakeholders clearly and effectively
Conduct exploratory tests to check if the product feels native and report linguistic bugs where UI text is hard to understand
Troubleshoot bugs filed to reproduce issues, verify steps to reproduce and prioritize for fixes
Monitor and escalate aging bugs
Report on backlog and progress made daily / weekly
Help set up devices for testing
Minimum Qualifications:
CS major preferred, Mobile/Android centric experience ideal.
Fluent in the locale targeted for testing as well as English for internal communication and filing bugs."