Job Description :
Job overview:
We are looking for a Linux Kernel Networking professional to work on customizing existing network stacks & driver architectures - to enable a range of target platforms & market segments. This is a good opportunity to work on the latest Linux Kernel source as well as upstream drivers, a wide range of advanced SoCs and networking chipsets and on the host drivers for some of the advanced networking products on the planet.

Desired experience level: 5-15 years.
A good understanding of the Linux Kernel NW Subsystem.
Experienced in Linux Kernel Driver Development for SMP architectures.
Ability to optimize NW fast path layers and associated drivers from different merchant SoC partners during platform integration, to address low throughput & high CPU utilization gaps.
Linux Kernel code and NW packets analysis/debugging experience.
Ability to visualize & employ complex data structures like circular buffers, buffer chaining, list of lists etc in the code.