Job Description :
Title: Linux Engineer Location: Ridgefield Park, NJ
USC/GC/H1-B/OPT Our (W2)
Required skills ("STRONG LINUX SYSTEM") AND ("CONTAINER KNOWLEDGE")AND (“System Integration”)
Position Summary:We are seeking a highly motivated engineer to join the Cloud Native Computing Team. we are seeking cloud engineers with a passion for highly automated operations in support of rapid application development and deployment, sometimes described as ¡°no-ops¡±. Our strategy is based on open source, so we are seeking engineers with demonstrated experience in contribution to open source, either personally or professionally.
Responsibilities:-Analysis, recommendations, research and usage of distributed systems: Our team is hands-on, and we believe that we learn by doing. -CI/CD pipeline development and integration. We believe this is fundamental to operations automation approaches, and want all of our engineers to participate. -Test automation development work (unit, functional, integration, e2e): All systems coming from our team require everyone on the team participate in test development. QA and testing is everyone¡¯s job. -Contribution and participation in open source projects: Our systems are heavily dependent on open source, and our strategy includes active open source development.
Mandatory Skills:
5 years related experience -Experience in one or more of the following subject areas are desired:
1. System integration and distributed system debugging
2. Virtualization and Containers
3. Block and object storage systems for VM/container systems
4. IP Networking or SDN
5. Operations automation tooling
6. Container and/or vm orchestration tooling
7. Data pipelines and analytics
8. Microservices
-Must have experience in Linux-based systems -Must have excellent written and communication skills and capable of writing and delivering both presentations and technical papers. -Must have practical experience contributing to an open source project. -Must have a working knowledge the tools and frameworks utilized by the whatever project the candidate has contributed to. -B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or related field is desired. -Practical experience with the Go programming language is desired. If not Go, strong programming with any other language. -Practical experience building systems on a public cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCE, etc is desired.