Job Description :
The linguist will participate in variety of formal and informal activities as dictated by the needs of the business and may include:
Support Machine Learning experts in language specific areas for our target language (US English These include creating grammars, providing language data, concept annotation, create annotation guidelines, support UX team in creation of the voice of our AI, review of user data and propose improvements.
Perform tasks such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, grammar checking, text mining and other “Big Data” related applications.
Research, plan, and document Samsung product features for a variety of audiences, such as software developers, IT admins, sales engineers and end users.
Identify and resolve issues relating to documentation, project schedules, structure, design, and deliverables.
Visualize complex processes and solve complex problems. Apply great deal of concentration over a long period of time in order to complete a complicated task properly the very first time.

Required Skills:
Deep knowledge of target language (US English) grammar, spelling and syntax.
Has a solid knowledge base in linguistics (specifically syntax, semantics, phonetics and other structural aspects of language), natural language processing and computer or software programming.
Bachelor''s degree in Linguistics, Computational linguistics, Translation or comparable experience.
Minimum of 3 years of experience in a software technology environment, preferably producing written documentation and content for developers, SMEs, and IT personnel.
Experience in technical writing and localization edition or comparable experience.
Excellent written and oral communication skills, with the ability to build strong relationships and advocate the craft with internal stakeholders.
Demonstrated ability to write documentation that is clear, concise, consistent, and accurate.
Expert ability to aggressively seek out, distill, and learn technical information from Samsung’s worldwide development teams, explain it to other team members, and then document it in the appropriate delivery target (developer guide, whitepaper, tutorial, blog, etc.
Stay current with trends and new tools and technologies in the Android and mobile device ecosystem.
Ability to visualize and illustrate complex concepts.
Ability to manage multiple competing priorities and maintain high content quality in a fast-paced, constantly changing dynamic environment.