Job Description :
Job Title: Lean Agile Coach Consultant
Location: Charlotte, NC & Pennington, NJ
Position Type: Full Time Permanent

Job Description
The Lean Agile Coach works with executive leaders that span the organization to the portfolio level providing guidance around facilitating and leading a lean agile transformation as well as providing consultation around organizational lean agile practices/processes.
As a subject matter expert, assists executive leadership in identifying business drivers as well as provides consultation in architecting and execution of transformation strategies to optimize business performance.
Works with executive leadership on strategy formulation and execution, providing direction and guidance in leadership participation in the transformation process from establishing intake processes and addressing broader areas of change management.
Utilizes in-depth knowledge of the lean agile framework to recommend innovations that enhance and/or provide a competitive advantage to the organization.
Provides feedback and guidance to organizational leadership on issues of critical importance to achieving business objectives.
Is clearly recognized as a lean agile expert by peers.
Typically requires 7-10 years of lean agile and/or applicable level coaching experience.

Role Description
The Lean Agile Coach is an Individual Contributor that coordinates and coaches executive leaders across an organization within the framework of Agile methodology, specific to Scrum, ScrumMaster skills, Lean and Kanban.
Responsible for providing knowledge, architecture and expertise around lean agile processes while coaching leadership roles in the organization to successfully lead and manage concepts at the level.
Will partner with executive sponsors and leadership in constructing the foundation necessary for transforming an organization to Lean Agile SDLC.
Aims to both transfer their knowledge and enthuse leaders to try new approaches and techniques.
Works closely with : Epic Kanban management, business value stream mapping, investment theme prioritization and goverance as well as insight into Continuous Integration/Continuous Development, DevOps and automation