Job Description :
Provide leadership and deep technical expertise in all aspects of solution design and application development for specific business environments. Focus on setting technical direction on groups of applications and similar technologies as well as taking responsibility for technically robust solutions encompassing all business, architecture, and technology constraints. May be responsible for coordinating teams to accomplish development in a matrixed organization. Typically requires 5-7 years of experience.

Job Specific Description:

Work with business partners to define requirements for .Net-based web applications in accordance with existing technical specifications. Communication is key. Continue to work with partners as needed throughout lifecycle. Map development requirements to technical specifications. Lead discussions around and document business rules to meet the technical specifications. Provide support to business partners on implementation and instrumentation of data collection (tags, libraries, link tracking, etc) for marketing interactions. Continue to work with development teams and business partners as needed throughout lifecycle. Infrastructure maintenance and updates: Be able to identify and recommend issues that call for infrastructure or business rule changes. Develop and maintain technical documentation.

Required Skills / Experience:

Write standards-compliant HTML /CSS (read, write, debug)
Write standards-compliant ASP.NET and C# (read, write, debug) including .Net MVC 5+.
Write clean, concise JavaScript (read, write, debug
Strong understanding of Internet architecture (HTTP, Cookies, Browser Interaction, Document Object Model Interaction)
Basic knowledge/understanding of content management systems.
Basic understanding of enterprise IT systems (load balancing, server environments, release management
Ability to design, execute, and automate test plans.
Microsoft Office, with above-average Excel skills.
Strong documentation skills.
Basic SQL querying Skills
Basic familiarity with database management systems

To be successful, the candidate should demonstrate the following characteristics:

Flexible Motivation – candidate demonstrates palatability for a wide-variety of tasks, both interesting and mundane. This means that the source of motivation is not always a specific task, but a focus on delivering as part of a larger team or effort.
Interpersonal Awareness – candidate understands how others will perceive their actions and makes decisions based upon that understanding.
Process & Systemization – candidate naturally perceives the universe as a collection of interconnected “systems”, or logical process flows with defined inputs and outputs.
Objectivity – the ability to keep emotions from interfering with logical thought processes.
Adaptability/Flexibility – candidate can adapt to frequent schedule changes, project scope and timetable changes and changes in overall direction in a complex operational environment.
Enthusiasm/Passion candidate is enthusiastic about, and has a passion for, the digital space and is able to articulate the importance of it to others.

Desired Skills / Experience:

Experience with NodeJS applications.
Basic network architecture (TCP/IP, Firewalls)
Other server-side programming languages (PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, Java/J2EE)
Experience with digital data collection and web analytics.
Experience working with eCommerce or web and Internet-based projects.