Job Description :
Lead Java Developer
Location:Portland, Oregon.
Fulltime Position

Required Skills:
Working experience in Async programming. Linux based development environments.
Extensive experience with Java IDEs specifically IntelliJ IDEA.  Extensive experience with GIT and GIT based tools - specifically Atlassian Stash, GIT command line.
Hands-on experience on MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
Extensive experience with JavaScript build, and packaging tools - specifically Grunt, Bower
Deep expertise with building REST services with Jersey API/ Dropwizard
Experience with working in short sprints in an aggressive fast paced Agile SCRUM team 
Ability to work in co-development client teams with fast paced/ time-to-market deadlines 
Worked on front end technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS (Less) and frameworks like Angular.js, React.js, Node.js etc. Any 1 of these skills are strongly preferred.

Welcomed Skills:
Terraform, S3 object storage, Elastic bean stock/docker, VPC, Elastic cache, Swagger for API definition
Good understanding Unit testing frameworks like Mocha, Jasmine etc.
Good understanding of code analyzers for Test driven development 
Good understanding of Continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/ CD) - tools and services - specifically Jenkins, Docker, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Services: Good understanding of API Gateway, Lambdas, Dynamo DB,  Kinesis, SNS, EC2. Node js to write Lambdas, mocha & chai for unit testing.