Job Description :
Lab Engineer
Bellevue, WA

Need USC, GC

1. Infrastructure
2. Lab Architecture
3. Software Installations
a. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
b. Performance Center Server (PCS)
c. Performance Center Host
i. Load Generators - Server
ii. Controllers - Wks Image
iii. UFT (Racks) Workstations Image Deploy & Post-Image Tasks
d. Network Virtualization (Shunra)
i. PC Server
ii. Controller
iii. Load Generator
e. Patches and Hot Fixes
F. SiteScope Integration
g. Virtual Table Server (VTS)
h. Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services)
i. Citrix
j. SAP
4. Lab Maintenance
a. Site Administration
i. Adding/Removing Users
ii. Adding/Removing Projects
iii. Servers (ALM & Database)
iv. Configuration
b. Lab Management
i. Adding/Removing Hosts (Load Generators & Controllers)
ii. System Health (v12.53 and v12.55)
iii. Checking Hosts
iv. Reconfiguring Hosts06/11/2018