Job Description :
Analyzes and defines level 2 equipment problems to improve quality and productivity, repair damaged equipment, improve systems performance, and improve production line up-time under the direction of the Level 2 Supervisor.
Re-designs and re-engineers Level 2 systems that need upgrading, poorly designed or is incorrectly used in order to improve quality and productivity following the instructions of the Level 2 Supervisor.
Investigates and analyzes Level 2 systems problems, defines and scopes projects, writes engineering reports, makes cost estimates, obtains bids, obtains approval to purchase necessary equipment materials, and works with Maintenance, Operations and plant personnel to retro-fit and install under the direction of the Level 2 Supervisor.
Regularly monitors process systems data collection and archiving to ensure data integrity.
Remains abreast of the latest process systems technologies, including: hardware, software, analysis, and design.
Helps maintain adequate spare parts for critical process systems hardware and peripherals.
Writes, modifies, tests and documents application programs to meet programming specifications following Level 2 Supervisor instructions.