Job Description :
Position: Junior Scrum Master
Location: Sacramento, CA

Interview: Phone And Face to Face

Required Skill:
Have contributed to significant improvements in organizations or departments through coaching techniques.
Have helped organizations and teams beyond the basics of Scrum theory and practice.
Have enabled organizations to find their own solutions to business problems through the application of Agile principles.
Familiar with, promote and embody the mindset of Servant Leadership.
Use a rich set of facilitation, training and coaching tools, and models.
Have both formal and informal education about coaching and strong mentor relationships.
Have a good working knowledge of Agile and Lean values, principles, and practices.
Have helped individuals, teams, and leadership to understand and apply Agile and Lean values, principles, and practices effectively.
Understand the dynamics, patterns, and development of multi-level teams and how they interact at the organizational level.
Can clearly describe the difference between consulting and coaching and know when to apply each.

Client : Direct