Job Description :
Project Description:

This is an opportunity for software technologists to delivering product epics from end-to-end. Developers of mixed seniority generally work together in functioning sub-teams or pods. A pod works with an agile product owner to understand desired behavior, developing a software architecture, documenting designs for review boards, and decomposing work for implementation, review, testing, and deployment.
Workers in this role generally work within a delivery pod within the team dedicated to delivering an epic or may float as an implementation resource across these pods as work priorities change. The team is an on-site mix of 6 engineers and testers working on a new product build-out.


Designing, coding, problem solving, code reviewing etc. General full stack responsibilities.

Skills Overview:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required.
7+ years of experience in software, primarily in development, with concentrations in:

Object-oriented analysis and design & design patterns
Dependency injection/IoC containers
Server-side RESTful microservices
Relational database design and SQL
Foundational client-side web technologies
Logging and monitoring tools (JMX, Graphite, ELK/Splunk)
Programming for concurrency & scalability
Experience working on teams using agile methodologies
Experience designing, documenting, and presenting software design & architecture
Comfort working with Mac OS X and Linux/shell scripting

Specific software development experience in:

Java, especially Java 8
Building microservices using Spring, especially using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
Asynchronous messaging platforms, particularly Kafka or RabbitMQ
Apache Beam, Kafka Streams, Storm, Akka, or other distributed computing platforms
Container orchestration architecture and deployment in Kubernetes, OpenShift or similar
Cassandra (or other non-relational data stores)
Domain experience with machine learning, particularly in applied data product

Must Technologies Required:

Relational database
Design and SQL
Modern logging and monitoring infrastructure and integration
Foundational knowledge on web